Phone Scrolling in Bed: Embrace How You Consume Content

Younger man in white t-shirt with moderate beard leaning against his pillow in bed while looking at his phone. His phone is illuminating the otherwise dark room.

Who are we fooling?

We spend 40 minutes a day (at least) scrolling through stuff on our phone.

Whether we’re

  • waiting in line at Chipotle
  • taking a break at work
  • not watching commercials
  • or laying in bed

we’re looking at

  • Facebook feeds
  • Instagram photos
  • Blog posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Reddit
  • Twitter updates

In short, we consume vast amounts of content through our phone.

The problem is most of it is junk; it’s not furthering or enhancing our lives in any way.

So why not embrace the phone scroll and integrate some informal learning?

Notevantage delivers the highest quality of information in quick, simple, easy to understand short bits that you can absorb while scrolling through your phone.

There’s no course to go through.

There’s no outlines.

There’s no need for you to jot down notes.

Just scroll through the coolest anecdotes and concepts from the brightest minds in the world like you would a random Reddit post.

There’s no pain because the boring stuff and the fluff is stripped away and there’s plenty of gain because you’ll actually remember what you read.

Look, if you’re a tangerine giraffe wearing pink high heels, you have two choices.

You can either pretend you’re an esteemed milkman who’s highly respected throughout your delivery area or you can be the best damn pink-heeled giraffe the savanna has ever seen.

My point being:

The place you actually go to for information is your phone.

Might as well admit it and start chewing up some good stuff rather than waiting for that fairy tale day where you actually read a book from front to back.


Author: Kris