Learning Transcends The Boring Classroom (Educate Yourself in Bed or at Lunch)

woman reading phone intently in bed

Everywhere you go, people – you, me, he, she, and them – are staring at their phones.

Whether we’re on Tinder looking for a date, Instagram checking out photos, or playing Brawl Stars to quench or game addiction, we’re glued to our smart phones.

So why not toss in some education in the mix?

Learning can be fun. Ideas can spring out of information. And gaining knowledge can make us even more successful.

I’m not seeing the downside here.

For far too long, we’ve relegated learning and education to classroom lectures. Even in 2019, we don’t really embrace informal education even though the marketplace is telling us over and over that college degrees are worthless.

We need to open our arms to the idea that we can pick up small snippets of information in just a few minutes – while we’re on a lunch break, before we go to bed, while we wait for our Uber ride – that make a huge lasting impact on our knowledge bank.

If we keep stacking these minutes of informal learning, eventually it adds up to be quite library of information.

This is an enormous reason why we believe Notevantage is going to change the education game.

We embrace short attention spans. We spit in the face of hour long lectures. We know grab ‘n go info is sometimes the only option and also sometimes the best option.

If we’re on our phones 4 hours a day anyways, why not drip some tidbits distilled directly from the best non-fiction books in the world?

It certainly can’t hurt. It certainly will propel.

Author: Kris