Information Investing: Read Your Phone on Your Lunch Break and Get Rich

older corporate executive type gentleman with gray hair and a stubble beard smiling and scrolling through his gray phone in front of his desk

One of the driving forces behind Notevantage was the concept of information investing.

And I’m not talking about purchasing specific insider industry knowledge.

And I’m not talking about data acquisition.

But simply buying into clear, concise general information that’s pliable and can be used for practical gain in real life.

I buy a lot of shares in psychology, marketing, and risk.

And I can’t distill it into a word but I also buy into understanding what’s actually happening in life.

Of course this investment comes at a heavy price: TIME.

What I offer with Notevantage is the ability to harness both my time, intelligence, and ultimately my work product in the form of distilled information.

For example, let’s say The Slight Edge takes me 5 hours to read and I extract 3 notes to send to you, my subscriber.

You’re getting the 3 notes that I deem most important from The Slight Edge explained and presented in a KISS (keep it simple stupid) manner so that you can easily absorb the information on your lunch break or while you wait for the dealership to change your oil.

At 59 cents per note, it’s a dirt cheap buy-in (with no trade fees).

And after a year of notes (52), you’ve reaped a lot of information that you can leverage to get a return.

It usually won’t be quantifiable but sometimes it might (maybe I expose you to a killer negotiation tip that gets you a $57,000 raise).

Either way, at the price you pay for a Notevantage subscription, you’re getting a hell of a value.

What’s the difference between a hard worker who takes action and makes $15/hour vs. a hard worker who takes action and makes $150/hour.

Maybe intellectual capacity.

Probably information.

Invest wisely.

Author: Kris