Informal Education: Learning Is Way Better at Hoodie University

younger man with a beard wearing a white tshirt and maroon hoodie with a coffee cup in one hand and typing on a laptop computer in another, looks like he's in a coffee shop

If I had my high school graduation to do over again, my #1 priority would have been to go to the best party school in the nation (preferably near the ocean) and taken only the few courses I found interesting with no regard for graduating.


Because college is grossly misaligned with practical learning.

Unless you want to get a job where certification is required, college is a waste of time.

Want to be a doctor, a lawyer, something else that you need to be officially ordained with paper? Then, yeah, you cannot pass go without college.

Other than that, you’re wasting time and money.

The one redeeming factor of college is the atmosphere. It can be amazing so hanging around for 3-5 years and taking a few classes could be awesome in that sense.

BUT… I firmly believe in education. The twist with me is I believe in informal education.

Why rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student debt?

Instead rack up $500 in debt and read the best books from the brightest minds in the world.

Here’s my education plan:

1. Log on to Amazon.
2. Buy some of the highest rated books.
3. Read underneath a tree or by a river.

Read whatever you want, whenever you want.

Educate yourself.

And figure it out from there.

There’s absolutely no need to go to college.

Hoodie University is way more efficient.

  • Study only what you want
  • Save hours, days, weeks, months, years of precious time
  • Less stress (who needs to stay up all night studying for two weeks of the year)
  • Save a lot of money and gain freedom down the road (from lack of debt)

On the studying only what you want bullet, what’s so great about pretending to be well rounded?

I took biology, theology, sociology, and gobs of other worthless classes that I can barely remember the professor’s face, let alone anything concrete from the course material.

But such are college degrees.  They have to create this guise of importance and breadth to justify their price tag.

In the end, there’s a lot of waste and very little gain.

Go to Hoodie University.  I go there. You should too.

Oh and Hoodie University offers this thing called Notevantage. Check it out sometime when you’re on campus.

Author: Kris