You know how some people love the first day of baseball.

Spring is in the air.

The patented green grass has fresh trimmings lightly topped over a field of dreams.

The faint sounds of bats hitting balls and balls popping gloves start to emerge.

You get so ensconced in the moment, you pluck a blade of grass to get a sweet whiff of the new season.

That’s what it’s like for me when I unearth a savory tidbit from a non-fiction book.

There is so much goodness going on all at once.

First, I take and covet the information in my brain like a squirrel hoarding a nut. This is super valuable, I think.

Second, I think of all the ways the tidbit can be applied to my gain in the future. And there’s I think how it may have helped me in a past instance.

Third, I reread the passage so I can absorb all the stray bits and pieces that I may have missed.

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