God’s Gift to Self-Improvement Enthusiasts

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There’s an old saying that goes “you reap what you sow” but it doesn’t matter because whether you’ve been good or bad, anyone can enjoy a delicious education to Hoodie University AKA Notevantage.

So what makes Notevantage so irresistible?

3 Things My Dear Reader

#1 The juiciest tidbits from the best non-fiction books are extracted and served to you on a silver platter.

#2 Each gold nugget is hyperfocused on and explained in plain English so you don’t have to think, just bask in the info sunlight and absorb.

#3 Every note comes with a practical takeaway section so you instantly apply knowledge and improve your life.

The story behind this subscription is I actually designed it for myself.

I’m a self-improvement buff and I love reading great books but the problem is I didn’t take notes on all the great tidbits that I came across.

Moreover, I never took time to dwell on them and really enrich myself intellectually.

And after that, where in the world can you find a product or service that sells book tidbits?

I’ve never seen one, that is until now 😉

Information Investing

And if you’re not yet foaming at the mouth, get this: The whole business is premised upon information investing.

That is, you’ll get such a juicy ROI from subscribing to Notevantage that you’ll be compelled, no COMMANDED by self enrichment to keep your subscription rolling.

Who knows, if you love somebody enough, you might gift them a batch of success in a bottle too.

But first take care of #1 and grab a subscription now.  It’s gold Jerry, gold!

[transcription: video of Kenny Bana from Seinfeld telling Jerry, “It’s gold, Jerry, gold!”]


Author: Kris