What is Notevantage?

My personal notes from non-fiction books (mostly) sent to your inbox every Monday.

Are these notes book summaries?

No.  The notes are key concepts, cool stories, etc. simplified, explained, and commented on.

How long are the notes?

Notes typically take 3-7 minutes to read.

Are the notes sent out in a particular order?

No.  The order is random in the sense that I’m not trying to put them in sequence.  The content of each note is independent of any other note and can stand by itself.

What books are the notes from?

Mostly non-fiction books.  You can see the current list here.

Who’s the writer behind the notes?

Me, Kris Rivenburgh.  I’m a no longer practicing licensed attorney.  I read a lot of books and created Notevantage because I would subscribe to it.

I’m having trouble viewing the emails in mobile, what now?

For Gmail, use the Gmail app for optimum viewing. For Yahoo and Outlook on desktop, make sure to download and enable images. If you have any other problems, please contact me.