An Educational Subscription Service Based on Information Investing

Younger guy in glasses wearing a black jacket, leaning over a rail and looking away from his phone to half smile.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for but you know you’re looking for something, you probably just found it.

Notevantage is a subscription service where I send you great tidbits, gold nuggets, etc. from the non-fiction books I read. It’s random and completely novel – there’s absolutely nothing else out there like it.

If you were trying to categorize Notevantage, you’d throw up your hands and file it under book summary services like Blinkist and Get Abstract.

But I’m not outsourcing people to churn out book summaries like McDonald’s assembly line hamburgers. This isn’t a streamlined business model; it’s a me-lined concept.

I curate what tidbits get send out from my notes. And then when I deem some anecdote or key piece of info worthy of sending out, I dive into it and cover everything in-depth, from explanation to illustrations to how you can use that gold nugget to make a real, tangible, practical benefit to YOU.

Emails go out once a week, on Monday, and they’re completely random.

Random as in I don’t know what I’m going to write about each week, like The Joker, I just do.

Some other reasons why your instincts of subscribing are correct:

– It’s a hack towards getting excellent book recommendations in which you get a specific window into the book before you buy
– It’s informal learning. You scroll mindlessly on your phone through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – why not displace the social media with some positive impact information
– It’s not a big, official undergoing. No need to take a big inhale before you start. It’s just a hyper-focused look at a book tidbit.

And let’s keep in mind that tidbits are the best of the best of the books you read, so they’re good stuff.

It’s like if someone went through a big Halloween bag of Starburst and just handed you all the cherries.

Start out with a month for $5 or save money by going for the year at $45.

Click here to subscribe now.

Author: Kris