Your Corporate Wellness Education Program Problem Emphatically Solved

corporate group of 5 standing in front of conference table, looking straight ahead at you

Organizations are the sum of their actors. When one participant is weak, it affects the whole.

Real leaders look for solutions to this; they look for ways to improve the minimum baseline of their weakest links and strengthen the hierarchies above them.

Whether it’s in the domain of exercise, nutrition, or education, you as a problem solver are tasked with sourcing a wellness program that works.

Enter Notevantage.

Notevantage is an educational subscription product/service that extracts the best tidbits from the best non-fiction books and emails them to subscribers every Monday.

Why so special?

We extract and curate fine gold from a myriad of non-fiction books and then deliver it to subscribers in an easy to understand flow of information. Here’s the basic outline:

  • Summary of Tidbit
  • Commentary & Analysis
  • Practical Takeaways

The word count on each note typically falls between 1,500 – 3,500.

Keep in mind, this is not a book summary.  It’s an hyper-aggressive fixation on the best parts of the best books.

Book summaries are too general which waters down the material and weakens the educational value.

Moreover, the voluminous nature of summary sites like Blinkist and GetAbstract overwhelms even eager learners:

  • Where do you start with 2,000 titles?
  • Do you take notes on a 15 minute overview that essentially is the notes?
  • What about the context you lose from zooming out?

Slash the throat of analysis paralysis, of bureaucracy and get to the damn point.

Your company will learn the way we all learn now.

By scrolling on your phone.

Email to ask about setting your group or organization up with a stellar corporate wellness education program.

Author: Kris