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The Pretend Hack: Why Book Summaries Don’t Work

Name the last time you read a book summary that changed your life. Hint: Never! Book summaries don't work for 3 big reasons which I will outline below. But before I do, I get why the concept is so popular; I've tried it myself. How can you not be swayed by the...

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Phone Scrolling in Bed: Embrace How You Consume Content

Who are we fooling? We spend 40 minutes a day (at least) scrolling through stuff on our phone. Whether we're waiting in line at Chipotle taking a break at work not watching commercials or laying in bed we're looking at Facebook feeds Instagram photos Blog posts...

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Good Book Tidbits are Like Baseball Grass to Me

You know how some people love the first day of baseball. Spring is in the air. The patented green grass has fresh trimmings lightly topped over a field of dreams. The faint sounds of bats hitting balls and balls popping gloves start to emerge. You get so ensconced in...

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